There are four types of eggs classified depending on the way hens were raised. These are marked according to the European Standards requirement, so each consumer can know what kind of eggs he/she is buying.

The first number of the numeric code indicates the way hens were raised, these are also stamped on the packing.

Here are the figures that show how the hens were raised:

  • 0 – biological, ecological – marked with 0 before the code of the producer.
  • 1 – eggs by hens raised freely
  • 2* – eggs by hens raised in a hall on the ground
  • 3* – eggs by battery raised hens

* hens raised in an industrial system but they can move freely.

Avi-Vest Producer Code Meaning

Packing method

Cardboard casserole of 6 and 10 eggs.

Formwork of 20 eggs, foil wrapped.

Formwork of 30 eggs, foil wrapped.

Set of 5 egg formworks, foil wrapped.

On request we can pack according to the design requested by the customer.