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The Avi-Vest Company

The Avi-Vest company has been operating in the consumer egg production field since 1999, our products are well known under the brand: “Oua de Nota 10” (10 Grade Eggs), especially in the western part of Romania.

Our production cycle starts at the Combined Feed Factory, towards the Hen Breeding and Exploitation Farms, Sorting and Packing Center and finally to the Egg Distribution.

The Avi-Vest team consists of experienced specialists, economists, veterinarians, and qualified staff through experience gained in the field.

The Company’s objective is:

To maintain the permanent quality of our products to meet the highest consumer requirements. We pay special attention to the development of collaboration with our customers, namely: by the timely and safe delivery of our products.
Our desire is to be competitive and to have a fair price on the market.

We pay special attention to the development of collaboration with our customers, namely: by the timely and safe delivery of our products.


Integrated business

Avi-Vest is an integrated business currently having a combined feed factory that produces fodder strictly for our farms. We also have several farms in three different locations: Tamaseu, Girisu de Cris and Oradea.
We have two egg sorting and packing centers as well as a distribution system.

Thus, we can say: we can ensure the quality and safety of our product, from the preparation of the fodder to the delivery of the finished product to the customer.

Combined feed factory

With the capacity of 4 tons / hour.

Sorting Stations

  • We have two sorting stations, one in Girisu de Cris and the other in Tamaseu. The sorting and packing capacity for both centers is 45,000 eggs per hour.
  • The storage capacity is adapted to our needs.
  • Sorting stations have a fully automated line from the egg sorting system to packaging.
  • The technology we use is up-to-date and fully automated, so there is no need for direct human intervention except for the elimination of cracked and/or dirty eggs, which are considered “B category” eggs. These being harnessed by us by selling them to an egg pasteurization center.


  • The distribution is realized with our own vehicles, which, of course, are sanitary-veterinary authorized according to the norms in force.
  • We are focused especially on the western part of Romania to obtain lower distribution costs, so our selling price is a competitive one.
  • Our coverage area extends over the counties: Bihor, Satu-Mare, Maramures, Arad, Timisoara, Cluj, as well as on the platforms of Iernut, Lugoj and Turda.
  • Our portfolio of clients includes large international supermarkets chains such as: Lidl, Carrefour, Artima, Metro, Cora, Auchan, Selgros, Profi, Mega Image, CBA and others.

Regional leader in production of consumption eggs.


There are four types of eggs classified depending on the way hens were raised. These are marked according to the European Standards requirement, so each consumer can know what kind of eggs he/she is buying.

The first number of the numeric code indicates the way hens were raised, these are also stamped on the packing.

Here are the figures that show how the hens were raised:

  • 0 – biological, ecological – marked with 0 before the code of the producer.
  • 1 – eggs by hens raised freely
  • 2* – eggs by hens raised in a hall on the ground
  • 3* – eggs by battery raised hens

* hens raised in an industrial system but they can move freely.

Avi-Vest Producer Code Meaning

Packing method

Cardboard casserole of 6 and 10 eggs.

Formwork of 20 eggs, foil wrapped.

Formwork of 30 eggs, foil wrapped.

Set of 5 egg formworks, foil wrapped.

On request we can pack according to the design requested by the customer.

We deliver fresh eggs national and international wide.

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S.C. Avi-Vest S.R.L.

Headquarters: Sat. Tamaseu, Com. Tamaseu, Nr. 290/D, Bihor
Tel: 0040 259 476 050

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