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S.C. AVI-VEST SRL started its business in 1999 by producing and selling whole eggs. In 2000 the company started to expand by purchasing a chicken farm in Oradea. Ever since our first year, we conquered new markets and became leaders in the egg market, both in manufacturing and selling. Our motto became and will always be “quality and customer orientation above all else”.


In 2011 S.C. AVI-VEST started the construction of a new farm and upgrading existing farms according to European standards. Both finished by June of 2012, which grew the company’s production capacity. The company, currently operates in two workstations, offering eggs from chickens raised in open spaces and in batteries. We have an egg sorting and packing center, which is accepted by European standards H.A.C.C.P. and ISO 22000/2005. Transportation is done with own trucks according to current regulations.

Determined by the ambition to become a well-known brand in the international market, our future plans include maximum production optimization and the expansion to the Western European market.

Our clients

Our main clients in Romania are:

– Supermarkets and hypermarkets, like: Carrefour, Billa, Real, Profi, Selgros, Auchan, Cora, Kaufland.
– Beside these large stores we distribute daily to small food stores, hospitals, schools, restaurants, food markets and to the industrial clients like bakeries.
We are also delivering, exporting abroad and we have all the necessary authorizations to sell in the EU.

Regional leader in production of consumption eggs.


There are 4 types of egg classes, according to the raising the chickens got. The marks are accepted by European standards so that any customer knows what kind of eggs they are buying.
The numbers are typed on the eggs and egg boxes. The first digit of numerical code points to the raising method the chickens got.

The marks:
• 0 – bio, eco eggs
• 1 – chicken eggs raised in an open space outside
• 2* – chicken eggs raised in an open space inside
• 3* – chicken eggs raised in battery cages
* chickens raised in an industrial system but they can move freely.


Carton of: 6 or 10 eggs.

Plastic foil wrapped crates of 20 eggs.

Plastic foil wrapped crates of 30 eggs.

Box of 5 Plastic foil wrapped crates of 30 eggs (Totals 150 eggs).

On special demand we can pack according to the customers wishes.

We deliver fresh eggs national and international wide.

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S.C. Avi-Vest S.R.L.

Headquarters: Aviatorilor Street no. 40/A, Oradea, 410250, Romania
Tel/Fax: 0040 259 476 050

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